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We invite you to join us every Equinox and Solstice with an all day Global Meditation. All participants tune into collective consciousness opening our hearts to the flow of Universal Love to create healing energy for ourselves, humanity and the planet.

These Global Meditations are intended to create flowing moments of silent prayer for greater Peace and Love every Equinox and Solstice. The intention of the Celebrations are to unify the people of the planet through celebration of Peace through Unconditional Love. We also invite you to celebrate the lunar aspect of life with us. Every New Moon and Full Moon-gazing we meditate to harness the lunar energies flowing between the equinoxes and solstices. We recommend spending at least 20 minutes tuning in starting around 10pm your local time.

Our last invitation is to participate on a daily basis finding find 20 minutes every day just to feel your connection with the flow of Universal Love. Whenever it may be, let this be your time to only focus on your connection with the collective Love of humanity and the Universe.

Please copy, paste and send this invitation to your network of friends to join us for our Global Meditations as we spread our Peace and Love around the World. Help us build our Network linking events together from all over the planet that embody the spirit of love, unity, tolerance, peace, joy, harmony, goodness and oneness every Equinox, Solstice, New and Full moon and every other beautiful day of the year.
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We use this energy that we create together to build a peaceful world, where we work together cooperatively to help each other live our lives to the fullest, so there is abundance for all, creating peace of mind for ourselves and all of humanity.

may the Love be with you...

Christo and Johanna Love

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"we realign with the universal love that heals our entire being"

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