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Earth Chakras
Johanna roots the The Love Flow as an artist, photographer, graphic designer, actress, videographer and musician.

She has a Masters in teaching visual arts from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and undergraduate degree in Fine Art studying painting and photography from the University of Pennsylvania, where she also competed athletically on the Crew and Diving teams.

She promotes The Love Flow mission making Love Gems amulets and jewelry, and designing clothing and accessories for the emerging The Love Flow clothing line for adults and children that supports conscious lifestyles and environmentally friendly materials. She is also an avid supporter of holistic parenting and conscious child birthing.

She has taught art to children of all ages and has owned a wedding photographer business. She still shoots occasional weddings and is a designer of wedding albums. She also works as the Director for Photography for an arts and crafts magazine publishing company.

Her mission in life is to share joy with the world through her art.

Christo grows the The Love Flow contributing as a writer, musician, actor, videographer, video editor, photographer, and web publisher.

He attended the University of Pennsylvania as well, studying creative writing, visual arts and music, community development, as well as playing soccer for the school team.

Christo reaches out sharing his Love Works earth art sculptures in his online gallery at loveflow.us and as a live performance artist. He is also working on a fictional novel called "The Orb of Love" about a round the world journey to put together seven pieces of an alien orb to save the planet and help humanity evolve to the next level of consciousness. He further promotes The Love Flow through social networking, inviting others to participate in Global Meditations and by publishing inspirational posts.

A multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter (music), he performs and records on guitar, fretless guitar, violin, piano, didgeridoo, and hand drums, for videos and at gatherings that promote consciousness and greater awareness. He has taught music to people of all ages.

The hub of Christo's creative projects and Loveflow promotion is theloveflow.com helping people live more healthful and spiritually connected lives through meditation, the arts and conscious life creation.
His mission in life is to bring unity consciousness to the world through teachings of peaceful coexistence and unconditional love, as well as to co-create thriving communities that are self-sustaining and in harmony and balance with the earth.

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