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Solstice Sunrise Meditation

We have reached the end of 2012 and the world continues to change at a rapid pace.
We find the gravity towards the things that are most important in life growing ever stronger.
Those things that bring us stability, harmony, balance and inner peace becomes foremost in our hearts and minds
as we release old structures that limit our growth and embrace new ones where we can continue the expansion of our Love.
May we embody the lessons learned from this point in our time and continue the improvement of ourselves and our world.

Solstice Sunset Meditation

World Unity, Peace and Love Celebration 2012

When Johanna and I set out on this journey with our first Global Love Flow Meditation during the sunrise of the December Solstice of 2005, our intention was to invite as many people around the world to join us every year in a Global Celebration of Love. Our hope was by the Solstice of December 21st, 2012 we could unite and invite all the people of Earth for a day of unity and all together celebrate our collective Love.

The idea came about as a way to replace the fear associated with this possible end time of the Mayan Calendar, as well as the accumulated negativity of other doomsday prophecies, with a unifying sense of Love and Connection. Participating in Love focused meditation we believe will be enough to shift the collective consciousness of humanity this day and help set the tone for new era of global cooperation focused on the greatest good for all life. We hope that all join in the Celebration In Love!

Through The Love Flow website we are linking to celebrations from all over the world that embody this spirit of Love, Peace and Unity. To bring awareness to this celebration and bring together as many people as possible for meditation on this day, we have created The Love Flow Global Meditations every Equinox, Solstice, New and Full Moon.

We need help inviting people to join in our global meditations. If you are interested in getting the word out and organizing for your country or region tell us on our Facebook page and start inviting people right now!


Jose Arguelles speaking about the Global Rainbow Bridge Meditation for the winter solstice of 12.21.2012


The gift of 2012 is a new beginning for humanity. Now more than ever we must look within and let go of what is keeping us from the full expression of our souls. Our hope is that our new and full moon and equinox and solstice meditations facilitate this process and help us better tune in and flow with the vibrations of the Universe. Let us continue to focus our hearts and minds together to give birth to a new age of human consciousness built upon the pillars of unity, peace, love and oneness...

We shift the consciousness of the planet together!

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